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Vatican City​ – a photo essay

Vatican City​ – a photo essay. Photograph credit: Christian Sinibaldi

Behind the scenes in Vatican City A truly amazing set of images! Not much more can be said of this stunning photo essay, that takes you behind the scenes with rarely seen images of Vatican City, it’s inner workings and ceremony. Click below to check out The Guardian’s feature – ‘Pope Francis: b​ehind the scenes​… Read more »


Vicenza Piazza dei Signori

The perfect alternative to Venice Vicenza Accommodation – experience authentic Vicenza with Monastery Stays Albergo San Raffaele (VEV138)Vicenza, Veneto From €27pp/n Many of you may have heard of Vicenza, or been lucky enough to visit this gem in the Veneto region of Italy, for those that have not and are currently reaching for a map…… Read more »

Music Festivals in Italy

Music Festival in Italy

The International Festival of Sacred Music – a unique classical music festival, held in Rome annually, is one of the best kept secrets in the world of Classical Music. My Personal Experience In 2011 I attended the 10th Festival of Sacred Music in Rome. Having attended many music Festivals I can report that this is… Read more »

Christmas in Rome

Colosseum at Christmas in Rome

Christmas in Rome – Buon Natale! Experience the wonder of the Eternal City during the holiday period Rome is famous for being one of the most lively and exciting in places in Europe, and Christmas time is no exception as the city celebrates the holidays in spectacular fashion. Buildings, houses and attractions are all adorned… Read more »

A great time to visit Italy!

Monastery Stays - Italy Accommodation

Sunny days over terracotta roof tops in Italy … Autumn or the Fall is one of the best times of the year to visit Italy, indeed right up to the Christmas season. The summer heat has become more comfortable, at the famous sights the queues are shorter, the restaurants are less crowded and the ambience… Read more »

Italy for Christmas & the New Year?

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Stay for Christmas… Stay in the New Year When you are in Italy make sure it’s with Monastery Stays Italy this festive season? The Colosseum at Christmas Christmas Markets in Piazza Navona Credit Italy and Rome in particular, has an abundance to offer over the festive season. From the sights, sounds and flavours of magical… Read more »

Europe Convent

Europe / Italy Convent Accommodation

Check us out – we provide an easy to use online booking service. Europe Convent Europe Convent Europe Convent became a heavily used phrase with the publication in 2000 of Kevin Wright’s book – Europe’s Monastery and Convent Guesthouses. At the time it was the single largest resource ever compiled on Europe’s monastery and convent… Read more »

Bed and Blessings

Bed and Blessings with Monastery Stays

Bed and Blessings was a popular book but is now both out of print and out of date. The up to date, trusted booking service is now Monastery Stays. Bed & Blessings Bed & Blessings Bed and Blessings, originally published in 1999, was the first comprehensive travel guide to accommodation in convents and monasteries in… Read more »